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Manual tablet press for lab TDP-0

The most compact and lightweight tablet press, single punch tablet press, powder granulator.

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Pure manual single punch tablet press, with no motor, only hand, simple, easy operation, small size, light weight, one-handed lift.
The model performance, adaptable, easy to use, easy maintenance, small size, light weight, can also be hand-piece without electricity. The machine is only fitted a pair dies, the depth of filling, the material thickness of the tablets can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of pressing the pharmaceutical industry, medicine tablet pressing requirements and other requirements of the various sectors of similar products, by the majority of the industry users.
The device is a pure manual single punch tablet press, no motor, tableting speed according to individual hand on the speed, automatic feeding, hand lightweight, low noise, light weight.
TDP-0 cranked single punch tablet press:

Production capacity: 30-50 tablets / minute (based on personal hand speed)
The maximum compression pressure: 15 kN
Tablet diameter range: 5-10mm
Maximum tablet thickness: 2-6mm
Machine weight: 20kg
Dimensions: 36cm x 28cm x 45cm

capacity pressure tablet diameter tablet thickness weight Dimensions:
30-50tablets/min 15kN 5-10mm 2-6mm 20kg
36cm x 28cm x 45cm
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Single punch tablet press TDP-1.5
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