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Product Name:
Lab type fluid bed granulator


FL-5 Fluid bed granulator
First, the working principle:
Fluid bed granulator, also known as one-step granulator, which is the use of adhesive bonding, solid powder bridge between each other, reunion, which gradually formed particles.
The granulated powder material is put into the fluidized bed, the cold air enters through the filter, the temperature is raised by the heater, the cold air temperature rises to the process temperature, enters the fluidized bed, causes the powder to circulate flowly, The mist-like binder moistens the powder in the container, allowing the powder to agglomerate into small, loose particles, while the water evaporates and is carried away by hot air.

Second, the advantages:
1, at the bottom of the host with a sewage device that can quickly drain the water when the washing machine
2, in the same container to complete mixing - granulation - drying, reducing the process, in line with GMP norms;
3, in the closed container operation, no dust flying, improve the operating environment;
4, filter bag using antistatic media, equipment, safe operation;
5, the use of multi-fluid spray gun binder, atomization uniform, finished a high pass rate;
6, the use of round containers, equipment, no dead ends, loading and unloading light, easy to rinse;
And the material contact part is made of stainless steel;
7, the use of cylinder lift-type seal, sealed and reliable, simple operation;
8, the whole seal is good, negative pressure operation, more in line with "GMP" specification.
9, the entire equipment easy to operate, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, in line with "GMP" requirements.

Control panel:

Technical  Description









Fan power


Wind volume

1200 m3/h

Wind pressure


Compressed air consumption


Electric heating


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