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DPP-150Liquid Blister Packaging machine

 DPP-150Liquid Blister Packaging machine
  • Dpp-150 Liquid Blister Packing Machine for Sale
  1. It adopts the newest type high-power transmission mechanism to arrange the chain and drive the main driving shaft. The errors and noises of other gear wheel transmission can be avoided.
2. Imported controlling system is adopted; also it can be equipped with detecting and rejection function device for number of medicines according to the user's requirement.  
3,It adopts photoelectrical controlling system to make PVC, PTP, Aluminum/Aluminum material to be automatically fed and waste side to be cut automatically to guarantee the Synchronous stability of over- length distance and multi stations.
4It can be optional equipped with photocell correction device, imported stepper motor traction and image- character register to optimize packing grade.
5,The machine is suitable for industries of foodstuff, medicine, medical instruments, hardware, electronics and etc for packing.
Technical Specificatio
Model DPP-150
Punch frequency 10-33times/min
Production capacity 2400plates/hour
Max. Forming area & Depth 105x70(standard depth <=15mm), Max. Depth 25mm( As adjusted
Standard Stroke range 30-80mm(can be designed as per user's required)
Standard plate size 80x70mm  (can be designed as per user's required)
Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Compressed air required 0.3m3/min
Air compressor0.3m3/min
Total power supply 380V/220V  50Hz  2.8Kw 
Main motor 0.75Kw
PVC hard Film 0.15-0.5*110(mm)
0.15-0.5*110 (mm)
PTP Aluminum film 0.02-0.035*110(mm)
0.02-0.035*110 (mm)
Dialysis Paper 50-100g*110(mm)
Mould cooling Tap water or Recycling water
Overall Dimension 1840x590x1100(mm)(LxWxH)
1840x590x1100 (mm)(LxWxH)
Weight Net 450kg      Gross weight: 520kg
Noise index <75dBA
  • Work process
  1. Forming ( up and down heating)
  2. Heating Sealing ( up heating)
  3. Embossing
  4. Impression
  5. Cutter
  6.  Finished product output
Sample picture:
 Dpp-150 Liquid Blister Packing Machine for Sale
  • Electrical components:
DPP Standard configuration list of DPP-80 Liquid Blister packing machine


Spec./Model Brand Qty
1 Traction Cylinder SSAφ32×15 Kaogeer 2
2 Main Motor YS750W-4R Zhejiang Taibang 1
3 Forming heating plate 130×110×22 Zhejiang hongxing 2
4 Heating sealing plate 115×80×22 Zhejiang hongxing 1
5 Frequency inverter DVA-2S0007G Zhejiang delaier 1
6 Material Feeding motor 70-CK-25-K Zhejiang Maili 1
7 Thermocouple TES-2M Tes Taiwan 2
8 Air circuit breaker C65N-20A/2P Schneider 1
9 Air circuit breaker C65N-6A/1P Schneider 2
10 Air circuit breaker C65N-10A/1P Schneider 1
11  Relay HRS4H-S HKE 5
12 PC control panel / Wenzhou Tuanjie 1
13 Solid relay SSR-40DA
Taiwan Forke
Control  transformer
Zhejiang Chint
Electromagnetic Valve
16 Emergency button XB2-BS542
Photoelectric sensor
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