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Product Name:
Lab mini spray dryer

Experimental/lab / trail spray dryer

Product Features:
Small spray dryer, mini small capacity spray dryer, movable

Description: Ry-1500 miniature laboratory spray dryer (device) is a Division I introduce and absorb advanced technology, manufacturing in the country; major components and electrical imports. Machine design compact, portable, self-contained body of the machine, power can be used without auxiliary facilities. PLC control, touch screen display, Chinese and English operation interface.

Details description:

Experimental Spray Dryer Application: mainly used in universities, research institutes and food, biology, beverage, chemical, materials, pharmaceutical and other micro-enterprise development and production laboratories particles, such as the solution to all emulsions, suspensions with a wide spectrum applicability, suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials such as biological products, bio-pesticides, enzymes, etc., because the ejected material only when atomized particle size subjected to high temperatures, it is just an instant heat, can keep these active materials which remain after the drying of the active ingredient from damage.

Experimental Spray Dryer Application: beverages, perfumes and dyes, milk and egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical synthesis, thermal plastic materials, polymers and resins, aromatics, blood products, ceramics and superconductors, Biochemistry products, dyes, soaps and detergents, food and adhesives, oxides, bone and tooth powder, and so on.

Technical parameters:

The maximum evaporation rate: 2000ML / H

Inlet temperature range: 30 -280

Air temperature range: 30 -140

Heating temperature accuracy: ± 1

Drying time :1.0-1 .5 S

Peristaltic pump feed range :50-2000ML / H

Dry air flow :0-5 .5M3/Min, maximum pressure 686Pa

Spraying gas flow :0-4 .2 M3 / H, spray pressure 2-8Bar

Spray System: with (0.5 - 2.5MM) of two-fluid nozzle

Ejector (Acupuncture) can be automatically adjusted between :0-20S

Spray / hot air flow: in the same direction, down

Heater power: 3KW 220V

Total power: 3.8KW 220V

Size: 1450MM × 650MM × 550MM (H × L × W)

Weight: 110KG 

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